About the developers

Ajit and Romey started making games in 2015. Initially, they worked on 2D games for the web and mobile devices. Later on they would start working on a brand new game, a top down 2D game for the browser. They later pivoted to make SIMPLE, an episodic action-adventure game which has initially been planned for the PC, in Unreal Engine using Blender primarily for asset creation in their pipeline. They plan on releasing several tools, which they are creating together, to aide the work-flow of other independent game developers who are on a tight budget.

Ajit Christopher D'Monte

Ajit is a Computer Science Engineer from Chennai, India. He is a programmer who has contributed open-source addons and plugins for Blender and Unreal Engine. Check out his GitHub page. He is also a Tech consultant.

Romey Christo

Romey is a Computer Science Engineer from Chennai, India, working at IIT Madras, Chennai. Check out his portfolio